I'm Teacher Chelsea and had been teaching foreign students for nine years now both on line and off line.
At first, I wasn’t really that interested with teaching though one day my footsteps brought me into what is something new for me and challenging. When I had learned about a lot of things and the rubrics of teaching, I told myself that I want to develop certain goals of students who want to learn about the English language, for them to develop their skills more. My goal is to have long-term returns with my students. Teaching is very rewarding when you get to see your students improving. I had a lot of experiences with different students and how to deal with them. You can’t expect that all students will engage in their lessons. You have to make your class lively and as much as possible engaging. Have your passion in teaching shine in every class you have. Every teacher has their own responsibility, make a difference in your student's lives. Bring all positive energy into your class and make your student engage in the class, speak but do listen.
One last word, a teacher could always be flexible but it depends on you as how are you going to make yourself more productive.