Good morning! My name is Deborah Eunice Lucenara. You can call me Teacher Eunice. I’m really looking forward to the opportunities of working in your tutorial center. So, first, I’d like to tell a little bit about myself why I’ll be a good candidate to work at this tutorial center. First, my accomplishments, I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education, a Licensed Teacher and I’ve been a Pre-School Teacher for four years. I have a tutees before, Korean and American. Currently I’m studying Korean Language and Masteral Degree in Social Science. Second, my certifications like Teaching Strategies for 21’st century Learning and Reading Mastery Program. Third, some of my assets that uplift my qualification. I am creative thinker, flexible, result-oriented toward excellence. I have positive attitude and proficient knowledge in the art of data gathering and interpretation. Also I believe I am a great teacher because I love education. I am a life-long learner. I think the most important thing in teaching is loving kids. I really have love and passion in teaching kids. It’s exciting to see their smiles every day. The last thing that I want to talk about myself that sounds interesting is I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and swimming. I love to travel. I am Theater and Dance Instructor. I’m instructing young kids to act, sing, and dance every event in my former school. So, that’s it! I hope to hear from you soon and I really look forward to the opportunity. Thank you so much for listening.