Hi! I'm Nardjholl Candle D. Onofre. My students call me Teacher Emily. I took up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, major in English. I've been teaching students with different levels for more than ten years now. I've been working in many positions and handling different students, thus, I have a lot of experience in dealing with difficulties a learner would have. I'm also an expert when it comes on level test or knowing the level of learners. I can even handle special courses by giving them valuable material to learn English that I have collected all my teaching time.
The teaching method that I use depends on the student. I do believe that there's no best method because we have diverse students and they learn in different ways and they have different needs which means that you must know your students well so that you can select the suited method for them. They are unique and different from each other. They have their strengths and weaknesses too. As an educator, you need to know if which skills do they need to improve more based on how well you know them. In my case, I can cater different types of learners and help them get best result. Teaching is my passion and childhood dream. I'm responsible and optimistic. And I'll surely provide quality education for you... Let's enjoy the real essence of learning!