I am Arlaine Dawn B. Balignasay. I graduated in the course Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness major in Marketing. I was once a sunday school teacher and I taught children pre school and elementary and I also tutored a nine year old girl on our neighbourhood. I want to share my knowledge to students who want to learn English either inside or outside the four walls of classroom. I am a kind of teacher who will meet your wants and needs just to ensure that my students are learning not only on the cognitive aspects but as well as on their affective aspects. I will let them discover their own learning styles by involving them into various activities. I will respect their differences because students learn differently and uniquely. Every person has their own way of learning and understanding, as a teacher, I will treat my students on the way he or she will learn the most. I should teach my students where they are involve in the learning process not just me giving the information and knowledge but the process should be student-centered. I will teach them enthusiastically by showing them that I am interested on their lives specifically on things that will help them on their learning process.