Hi! My name is Teacher Verrah and I’ve been an ESL teacher for 6 years now to Koreans. I’ve studied Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I also became a Customer Service Representative in a BPO Company here in the Philippines which job was to handle Native or American costumers’ concerns. I believe that the influence of a good teacher can never be erased. One of my dreams is to go to Korea because of its country itself. I am always amazed and fascinated with their language, cultures and of course the Korean dishes.
Teaching is my passion and that brings me here to impart knowledge to the students who are willing and eager to learn. I am flexible enough to handle all kinds of students. I’ve handled all levels of the students, beginners, intermediate, advanced, middle school, junior levels. When I handled a beginner or a low level, I first do free talking and try to crack some jokes to make him/her comfortable studying with me. I also depend or modify the pace of my grammar for them to cope up and easily understand the lesson one step at a time. If you think that studying English is difficult, let me help you understand that this is really fun and easy! If you want to study English, you made a good choice! We will study, learn and enjoy English at the same time. Again, my name is Teacher Verrah and I am very excited to see you in my class. Have a great day!