Hi Students, My name is Teacher Mai. I graduated with the bachelors degree in Business Administration major in Banking and Financial Management. In 2011 I took my DPE (Diploma in Professional Education). I have been teaching ESL for 4 yrs and 6 months now to Chinese,Japanese,Malaysian and Korean students. My love for this craft is so intense and that inspires me to always do my best for my students to love and appreciate English as well. Learning English is not hard if you do it with love and with open mind. And I can assure you if do it that way you will discover amazing and fantastic lessons. And most importantly you can Lear,and at the same time you can have fun. Learning English is very important, why? Because it can take you to places,it can make your new adventures and experiences more easy because you are able to relate the people around you. And it bridges the communication gap between individuals.
So in my class you can do expect to learn more as we study together and I will assure you to make learning fun and easy. So these are all for now.. I really do hope to see you in my class..