Want to learn English in fun and exciting way? Let’s learn English in together!
Hi! I am teacher Aladdin. Teaching English has never been a new thing for me as I have graduated in the University of Southeastern Philippines with a Bachelor’s degree of Secondary Education major in English language. Currently, I am enrolled for a Master’s degree in Arts of English Teaching at the same university. Teaching English means my whole life as I have been a Junior and Senior High School English teacher for four years, a College Professor and a four year experienced ESL online tutorial teacher. Therefore, I could perfectly blend and handle with kids up to adults.
It is always my aim to provide quality excellent education to my students as we will enhance your grammar for English communication, proper pronunciation of the words, widen your vocabulary, improve your reading and writing skills, unlock your potential in speech and oral communication and conquer your fear of public speaking. These processes will never be as boring as 123 for we will have fun and exciting activities while learning all these things. Activities like context reading, English games and logs, tongue twisters, extemporaneous speaking, storytelling, impromptu speech, toast master’s meeting and a lot more, that would best suite for your age and interest!
Just like Aladdin in the Disney movie, I am full of passion and energy in extending my knowledge to my students. You will not notice that you are learning like its magic! I treat my students not only as a student but most importantly a friend and a family to keep in life forever. Together, my friend, let us unlock your full potential in English!
What are you waiting for? Join me as you book my class and learn English with fun and excitement! See you there!