Hello everyone! I’m Teacher victoria. I took up Business Management at Asian Institute of E-Commerce. I really love teaching and I'm happy when I can share my knowledge and ideas to my students. I believe that teaching is a work of heart.
I have been teaching for almost a year now, for both man to man and online teaching in Global Standard English Language School and also in Meb online English.
I've been teaching Basic and General English for the young learners and also Business English Communication for the adults. I taught some expressions in English and if how to make a conversation in a polite way to their daily life, especially to their friends, business partners and co-workers.
I can help my students to enhance their knowledge to their speaking, reading comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. The teacher has to choose and design what strategy suits the kind of learners present therein.
To be an effective and creative, teacher has to consider individual differences or diversity of the learners. I hope to see you in my class. Have great day!