Silang, cavite SDA Language Institute July- September
Koreans come to the Philippines for English Training Courses. Together with other teachers, we don’t only teach; we also organize activities for the children such as team building, social events, curriculum-based contests and camping activities.

Seoul, South Korea Sahmyook Institue of Technology 2014- 2015
As a missionary English teacher to High School students, I learned how to get along with them, being serious, strict but loving in teaching and as a friend after the class. I gave them fun lessons I personally made and others were modified taken from the internet.

Donghae, South Korea Donghae Sahmyook Academy 2012- 2014
In this school, I taught Middle School and High School Students during my first year and on the second year, I had Elementary and Middle School. This experience enhanced my knowledge in dealing with these different levels of students. Different levels/persons need different approach.
Silang, cavite ABC- VETEC International School April 2012
I taught Elementary kids as an ESL teacher in this school for only a month. For a short period of time, I was able to realize that teaching is perseverance, patience, understanding and loving.